The idea behind our architects’ community site is to create a space where architects from around the world can feel comfortable about the meeting, talking with each other, sharing ideas and providing demonstrations or digital models of some of their most successful projects in the past few years.

One of the most beautiful things about architecture is not only the creativity and individuality but also the way it evolves. If we look at buildings or homes from 20 years ago, we will probably notice huge differences compared to the buildings and homes constructed in the past one or two years. But keeping up with this evolution is not easy, especially if you wish to remain up to date on all the latest news and information regarding architecture.

We hope that our website is the number one resource for architects around the world when they are looking for research reports, tutorials, firsthand experience articles and project demonstrations or models. Not only are architects able to create profiles and share information about their work experience, but they can also contact each other and increase their presence in the community through these means.

When it comes to architecture, having success as an independent architect or through a new business is not only dependent on the quality of your work. The ability to market yourself or your new business is just as crucial. Marketing strategies are very relevant to the work done by architects because they are the best way for an individual or company to show the world what they are capable of producing.

Whether it is through digital models or social media marketing, architects can use these techniques as a means of connecting with clients and customers. And it is our hope that designers from around the world can use the resources available on our site to improve the way they market their products and services.